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Fresh Oyster platter
Chummys of Folkestone

We supply only the freshest shellfish!

Established in 1958, Chummys is a family run business selling the finest quality seafood.

We are based at 17 Beach Street, Folkestone CT20 1QW.

We have been voted “Best seafood stall in England” by the English Heritage.

Chummys Retail

We are now offering a retail service to any stalls or restaurants as our team has now expanded. Please call or message us on 07493 854242 if interested.

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Freshest Shellfish

We only sell freshly caught local shellfish.

Home Delivery

We can deliver your order to your door.

Friendly & Reliable

Call us to place your order.

Cooked Lobster

Don't you just love cooked lobster!

Shellfish platter
Cooked lobster, noodles, salad

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We are a long established shellfish restaurant based in Folkestone, Kent.

We offer a wide range of fresh shellfish including, lobster, scallops, crabs, whelks, jellied eels and more.

We only sell fresh, quality shellfish. We love seafood and try to ensure that all of our customers are happy with our produce.

We do our best to ensure that all of our valued customers come back for repeat orders.

Chummys, where freshness and quality matter!

Some of our shellfish. Please note that items are seasonal and stock will depend on today’s catch!

Assorted fresh shellfish crab prawn shrimp whelks lobster
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Seafood is amazing, delivery was quick and efficient and the response to the Facebook messages was fantastic.
Emma Forward
Emma Forward
Lovely people, lovely location, lovely food, great prices.. What more could a person want.
Wendy Mackenzie
Wendy Mackenzie